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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Generate Traffic With Technorati Tagging

Technorati can be considered as a MASSIVE directories that record blogging activities. In this post I will show you how to use Technorati tagging to improve your search engine rankings, increase links to your blog and drive more traffic to your site.But, what are Tags? Basically tags are similar to keywords, they are used to described and categorized your posts or articles. Technorati uses tags to categorize blogs or blog posts.

So, how do you take advantage of Technorati to bring more traffic to your blog?

Here are the steps to use Technorati tagging for traffic generation…

1. Go to and create an account (it’s free).

2. Now sign into Technorati using your account. Scroll down the screen until you see the “Technorati Tools” menu.

3. Under “Technorati Tools”, you will see a link “Claim your blog”.

4. Now click on the “Claim your blog” link and then enter your blog’s URL and click on “Begin Claim” button.

5. Now click on “Use Quick Claim” link, Technorati will then ask you to enter your blog username and password. NOTE: you must enter the correct username and password here! This is how Technorati verify that you are the authorised user for this blog.

6. If you enter your blog username and password correctly, you will see the message: “Congratulations! You’ve successfully claimed your blog.”

7. Now the last step is to enter a descriptions of your blog in a description field and keywords in the tags fields. Technorati provides many tags fields for you to enter as many relevant keywords as possible to describe your blog. Make sure you take advantage of it. After you enter a description of your blog and relevant keywords, click “Save Blog Info” button and you’re done!

Below is an example of one of my claimed blog in Technorati…

Ok, now you have claimed your blog in Technorati. The next question is how do you get tagged by Technorati? In other words… how do you use tags in your blog post so that it can be tagged in Technorati?

If you’re using wordpress blog, wordpress provide a tag field for you to enter your tags or targeted keywords when you create your post (see screenshot below).

IMPORTANT TIPS: if you want to take advantage of Technorati tagging to improve search engine rankings, backlinks and increase traffic to your blog, you must enter some relevant tags or keywords into your wordpress tags field before publishing the post.


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