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Monday, October 13, 2008

Why Changes Occur in Your Sex Life

When in a committed, loving relationship, sex can be an aspect that brings you even closer together.

Due to the bond sex creates between you and your partner, you will feel like at that very moment in time, there is nothing in the world that can make you feel closer.

However after a number of years of being together, the sex life of many couples slowly diminishes, as they find themselves having sex less frequently. Through no fault of their own, this slowdown occurs for a number of reasons, and with the added stresses and strains of life thrown in the mix, they find themselves in a place they never imagined they would ever be.

So why does this happen to so many couples, especially when you consider the fact that early on in their relationship, they more than likely could not have gone five minutes without putting their hands on places that should only be touched in private! The fact of the matter is that the stresses of life create changes in people that go unnoticed until at times too late. However it is important to state that even at if you do find yourselves at this point in your relationship, it is never too late to rekindle the flame on your sex life.

General Stress

Living in an uncertain economy places a great deal of stress on couples. Furthermore, with interest rates and inflation soaring through the roof, those who were financially ‘getting by’ are now struggling to make ends meet. This added pressure that couples are now faced with means that couples are having to work more, which means less time spent at home, which leads to less time spent together, and may ultimately lead to less sex.

As you may be working more, not only will you be spending more time at work as opposed to home, when you are home, you will more than likely be feeling a lot more tired, which simply adds to the problem. A key to tackling this issue is to improve your general fitness. This may include going to the gym; going for runs around the block; or dusting off your purchased home gym equipment, and making use of it.

Although all these are great ways to improve your general fitness, a just as good way to improve your fitness is through sex itself. Not only will it help you burn unwanted calories, you will more than likely enjoy it a lot more than taking a run around the block, where the only sounds you’ll be experiencing here are the sounds coming from your iPod!

Bringing up Children

Although children are a welcomed addition to a family, their presence automatically changes the shape of your sex life. From pregnancy to the time they leave the nest, you find yourselves putting them before your lives. Gone are the days where you could spontaneously surprise your partner, making love to them on the dining room table, as sitting at the other end of it, is probably your 14 year old son or daughter looking over at you in great disgust!

However, having children doesn’t mean your sex life has to stop. Make use of family and friends that welcome the idea of baby/ child sitting. Not only can you rekindle the flames and spontaneity in your relationship, it gives you both time alone to catch up on other things you may have unintentionally neglected.

Communication Goes a Long Way

Communication is the key for any kind of relationships survival. Some couples inadvertently take each other for granted, and talk at, rather than communicate with each other. Routine occurs to everyone, and although humans get content with this fact, it is important that you keep the lines of communication open, as if you’re not comfortably communicating with each other, you will find yourselves going off into different directions, and finding little time for each other.

Whether experiencing difficulties finding time for each other due to bringing up children, or just through the general stresses and stains of life, if you keep talking you will at least make sure you’re both still on the same page. This is the starting point to getting your sex lives back on track.


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